The Heart of Forgiveness

There are 4 main sections in this blog: Why Forgive? The Fake Apology Getting Walked On Conclusion 1. Why Forgive? The heart of forgiveness is compassion--the motive behind forgiveness is restitution.  If you're not interested in compassion or reconciliation then real apology and forgiveness is not your thing.  But it can be!!  You cannot make … Continue reading The Heart of Forgiveness

Rejected By Mankind

Isaiah 53:1-4 Think of the Disney movie Aladdin.  Remember when Jasmine, the princess, dresses as a commoner and goes out into the market place and people mistreat her until she reveals who she really is?  Jesus pulled a Jasmine when He came to this world! If God didn't reveal the truth to us, we would … Continue reading Rejected By Mankind